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Church Planting in Lower Bucks County, PA
Our Journey


The Mission is our calling. It is the overarching non-negotiable for a new church plant. This is our way of pursuing the mission of God in Lower Bucks County, PA. Click to learn more.


Just as God had a strategy to redeem our relationship with Him through Jesus’ work on the cross we have a strategy to implement our mission. Click to learn more.


To implement the mission and strategy God has given us we will need ministry partners to display Christ’s Kingdom to the world. We need people to pray with us, give to our mission, and join us as part of our core discipleship team. Click to learn more.


A big part of our vision is seeing people becoming more like Jesus. This happens by the power of the Holy Spirit through relationship, community, and corporate gatherings. Check out some of our latest sermons, resources, and vision sharing. Click to learn more.

Displaying Jesus' Kingdom to the neighborhoods of Lower Bucks County, Philadelphia Metro Area, and the World by abiding in God's Presence, Family, and Mission while inviting others to do the same.

Rev. Dr. Matthew Murphy

Phone: 609-462-8714


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What a Saint Looks Like

What a Saint Looks Like

You are a saint. There is nothing more you need to do to be a saint. As such a saint lives a certain way. Many years ago, before I had kids I was really into the Madden NFL football video game. Every year in mid to late summer I would line up with other Madden fans on...

You are a Saint

You are a Saint

Gospel. Community. Mission. Prayer. Kingdom. Family. Serve. Attract. Worship. Praise. Teach. Preach. Justice. Sacraments. These are all words used to describe identity of a follower of Jesus. No matter how you approach church one of these words I’m sure describes...

The Parish

The Parish

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had a couple hundred people in my ministry as a young pastor and I thought I was "relevant" to the culture to which I was called. Someone asked me a question not precisely like this but the essence was the same, "Do you know...