You are a saint. There is nothing more you need to do to be a saint. As such a saint lives a certain way. Many years ago, before I had kids I was really into the Madden NFL football video game. Every year in mid to late summer I would line up with other Madden fans on release day to purchase the game. It was funny as we all had the same look. We all wore some kind of athletic gear either a hat, shirt, or shorts. We were all in sneakers, a tee shirt, and were slightly disheveled. We all had the same plan that day which was to wait in line for about an hour then go spend hours playing the new game. Just because you looked like that and did those things doesn’t make you a Madden fan but being a Madden fan led to those things. Doing the things of a saint does not make someone a saint but all saints have the same look and feel. Let’s look at what those are.

1. Know the Trinity.

Saints primarily do this through prayer, scripture, and practice. The study of scripture is important for every saint. It is not just up to the church to provide this knowledge but each saint is active in learning themselves. Saints get on their knees and ask God what He wants to do with their lives. Saints wake up daily asking what God is up to in their lives and lives it out. In the living it out a saint learns to walk in step with the Trinity. Their practices begin to look like the fruit of the spirit.

2. Practice of the Gospel.

Saints participate in the sacraments both in a corporate setting and with their lives. The Lord’s Supper is a reminder to live a sacrificial life as a servant to those around us. This moment represents the inauguration of the new created order that started with Jesus’ death and continues to us. Our baptism is a reminder of our new identity and commissioning live as disciple makers filling the earth with God’s Glory. This life is a dying to self. This is a sanctified life continually submitting our lives to the Lordship of Jesus.

3. Corporate Worship.

Saints participate and serve in corporate worship. Worship reminds us of the truths of who the Trinity is and who we are called to be in light of that. Corporate worship centers us on the living God. It is out of being with God that we can then go do things for God in the marketplace.

4. Table.

Saints gather around the table with not-yet believers to share with them the Gospel. Saints gather around the table with other saints to share in community. At the table of saint all are welcome so that all may share in the abundance of the kingdom of God.

5. Serving the poor.

Jesus continually talks to his followers about caring for the poor. Saints will be found serving the “least of these” in their communities. They will be naturally drawn to helping the poor.

As I embark on joining the Trinity in forming a new expression of the church in Lower Bucks County it is my hope to see our saints embody the life of a saint. When people see someone they know they are a saint of the living God.