Displaying Jesus’ Kingdom to the neighborhoods of Lower Bucks County (LBC), Philadelphia Metro Area, and the World by abiding in God’s Presence, Family, and Mission while inviting others to do the same.

Why Plant?

This is a common question whenever a church planter steps forward to plant a church. Why plant a church when there are so many churches already around?

1. Well, first off it is mandated by Jesus. His Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 tells us to not just to make disciples but to baptize. Baptism was the ceremony at that time to enter into a church community. Jesus was calling us to make disciples and in the process make churches.

2. Church Planting is the number one way to reach people with the hope of the Gospel of Jesus. Through denominational studies it is found that in a new church 80% of people attending were not part of a church previously while a church over 15 years old finds 90% of its new members from other churches. 

3. It is the number one way to reach the next generation. Church Plants are filled with young people. A fresh expression of the church naturally brings the next generation of believers into the doors. 

4. Church renewal. Fresh expressions of the church through church planting bring life and renewal to the church in a local community. It is healthy for the old to move on and the new to come. This does not mean churches in a community for decades or even centuries do not have an impact. In our case a church in our denomination closed down in the area a few year back allowing us the opportunity to plant a new church.

5. We want to be obedient to Jesus and joining him where His Kingdom is working. Wherever Jesus is working new expressions of the church will pop up. This is exciting as it is clear God is calling us for such a time as this and we want to join Him in what He is doing in Lower Bucks County. 


The Gospel is the foundation. We will be a community centered on the Gospel. We as a church will learn to be fluent in the Gospel. We will be a community that loves as Christ loved us. The Gospel of Jesus will be central to everything that we do both in word and deed.


We will live as a family. The early church set the example for us and lived as family. In a world that is looking for community the church becomes attractive when we live as family. We will share in each others lives, burdens, and successes.



We are a community that pursues Christ’s mission of making disciples that make disciples. We will see ourselves as missionaries to our local community. It is important that we do not have the typical American individualistic consumer mentality. We will see ourselves as sent.

Holy Spirit

The mission can only be accomplished through the move of the Holy Spirit. We will always be asking the Spirit where He is already moving and join Him. Part of this Holy Spirit’s dependance will be an emphasis on prayer. We will have a culture of prayer.

Sacramental Life

We believe in the sacraments of baptism and communion. We will live out the implications of those sacraments. In communion we have sacrifice, love, and submission. In baptism we have anointing in the Identity of the trinity and holiness. As a community we will establish what it looks like to live out a sacramental life in our context.


We will be a community that makes disciples that make disciples. Discipleship will be in everything that we do. Discipleship is not a class it is a lifestyle. We believe in discipling people in all of life. Discipleship is submitting everything to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We will do this both organically through life on life and structurally through the systems of our church.


Ephesians 6:24, Galatians 5:22, Matthew 22:37-38, Galatians 5:14, John 21, John 13:34-35, Ephesians 5:1-2, John 10:17


The Mission is our calling. It is the overarching non-negotiable for a new church plant. This is our way of pursuing the mission of God in Lower Bucks County, PA. Click to learn more.


Just as God had a strategy to redeem our relationship with Him through Jesus’ work on the cross we have a strategy to implement our mission. Click to learn more.


To implement the mission and strategy God has given us we will need ministry partners to display Christ’s Kingdom to the world. We need people to pray with us, give to our mission, and join us as part of our core discipleship team. Click to learn more.


A big part of our vision is seeing people becoming more like Jesus. This happens by the power of the Holy Spirit through relationship, community, and corporate gatherings. Check out some of our latest sermons, resources, and vision sharing. Click to learn more.