Our Journey

We met in college at Cedarville through Matt’s roomate who told him he found a girl he might like. Kelly would not remember their first meeting but despite the lack of a terrible first impression Matt didn’t give up. We got married in 2004 while Matt was in seminary at Alliance Theological Seminary. We have 4 beautiful children Joshua (9), Caleb (7), Gideon (4), and Sarah (3). There is never a dull moment in our house and we love to root for daddy’s Michigan Wolverines in the fall.


We have been serving in ministry in the NYC and Philly metro areas over the last 13 years in various roles as a Youth Pastor, Young Adult Pastor, Small Group Pastor, Spiritual Development Pastor, Church Planter, Campus Pastor, Interim Lead Pastor, and Lead Pastor. God has been speaking to us over the last year about planting in Lower Bucks County, PA (LBC) area. Over the last couple of years we have been praying about what is next for our family. Through prayer and conversation our hearts began breaking for the Philadelphia Metro Area. Throughout this past summer it has become evident that God is calling us to LBC. This call has been confirmed through two different districts in our denomination the Eastern PA District, Metro District, and 217church. We feel humbled that God would use us to join Him in the work that He is doing in LBC.


There have been many confirmations in our journey to pursue the call to plant in LBC. Through some family history research Matt found that his 10 generations ago grandparents were original settlers to LBC and NE Philadelphia. In fact, he found that his family helped to start Bucks county and churches in the area. In some ways it is God bringing Matt home to his roots. Our hope is to make disciples that make disciples declaring and displaying LBC to the good news of Jesus. It is our hope to see our discipleship communities display and express God’s Kingdom into their local neighborhoods as local parish’s. It is our hope that through the multiplication of leaders and discipleship communities that we are a bridge to sending new churches throughout LBC and into the Philadelphia metro area. From the start we will have a culture of multiplication. We will partner with Eastern PA and the Metro District to develop and multiply church planters. We will seek to partner with local church planting groups to develop church plants. 


Matt graduated from Cedarville University in 2003 with a degree in Christian Education, graduated with his Master’s of Divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary in 2006, and earned his Doctorate of Ministry from George Fox University in 2017 with an emphasis in Semiotics and Future Studies. His dissertation was written on discipleship communities and how to help them thrive. Matt serves on the Philadelphia Metro Area Church planting team that has help to plant 4 churches over the last 7 years.


The Mission is our calling. It is the overarching non-negotiable for a new church plant. This is our way of pursuing the mission of God in Lower Bucks County, PA. Click to learn more.


Just as God had a strategy to redeem our relationship with Him through Jesus’ work on the cross we have a strategy to implement our mission. Click to learn more.


To implement the mission and strategy God has given us we will need ministry partners to display Christ’s Kingdom to the world. We need people to pray with us, give to our mission, and join us as part of our core discipleship team. Click to learn more.


A big part of our vision is seeing people becoming more like Jesus. This happens by the power of the Holy Spirit through relationship, community, and corporate gatherings. Check out some of our latest sermons, resources, and vision sharing. Click to learn more.