Our key emphasis in all that we do will be prayer. A mentor of mine told me recently that the number one thing you can do in your church plant is to get on your knees to figure out what God is doing in your new church and join Him. As a church all of our strategies will be grounded in prayer.

1. Core Discipleship Group

 We will develop a team of 10-15 that will be the group that we lay the foundation for our discipleship culture. It will be important that these people are committed to seeing a new church in LBC as well as creating a discipleship culture. We will learn the principles of what it takes to launch a new church as well as discipling each other, our families, our neighborhoods, and the world to look and act like Jesus. Sign up for info on joining our Core Discipleship Group by clicking here.  

2. Network Locally

We will connect locally with other ministries in LBC and Philly metro area to join in what God is already doing. We will network with like minded churches to raise support through prayer and financial partnerships. If you’d like to connect with us email us at

3. Develop Parish Communities

As the core discipleship team grows we will develop communities that will specifically learn to incarnate Jesus’ Kingdom to their local neighborhoods. These communities will learn how to love their neighbors in their norms and networks. These communities will be communities of 15-40 that make disciples, bring love, mercy, hope, and disciplay Jesus’ Kingdom to their local neighborhoods. Parish simply is the local community in which you display the Kingdom of God to. 

4. Launch Worship Gathering

After we have multiple parish communities we will launch a monthly worship gatherings to ramp up our momentum to a weekly worship gathering. When we reach critical mass of around 75-100 people we will launch our weekly worship gatherings.


The Mission is our calling. It is the overarching non-negotiable for a new church plant. This is our way of pursuing the mission of God in Lower Bucks County, PA. Click to learn more.


Just as God had a strategy to redeem our relationship with Him through Jesus’ work on the cross we have a strategy to implement our mission. Click to learn more.


To implement the mission and strategy God has given us we will need ministry partners to display Christ’s Kingdom to the world. We need people to pray with us, give to our mission, and join us as part of our core discipleship team. Click to learn more.


A big part of our vision is seeing people becoming more like Jesus. This happens by the power of the Holy Spirit through relationship, community, and corporate gatherings. Check out some of our latest sermons, resources, and vision sharing. Click to learn more.